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April 15, 2021: Values vs. Valuables Approach to Charitable Estate Planning

Michael Geis

When assisting clients with estate planning, financial planners, attorneys, and accountants admittedly focus on the transition of assets to the next generation. Little effort is given to conveying “Values” or the important elements of our family and belief system. A recent study was done to assess the baby boomer generation’s top four priorities when it came to estate planning. The study revealed the number one goal of baby boomers is to pass their values to their children. Passing their wealth, was number four.

This presentation will review various tools utilized to balance the scale in considering values in conjunction with valuables. We will discuss the importance of legacy considerations and the empowering spirit of exercising social capital – that is, one’s appetite for redirecting dollars that would otherwise go to taxes, instead of to charities that have been central in the individual and/or family’s lives. We will share strategies that have transformed this exercise from fear of dying to a liberating experience that creates new vigor and purpose in our lives. We will review the concept of Letters to Loved Ones that allow those on the receiving end to know what was in the heart of the giver.

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