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September 9, 2021: State of St. Louis Philanthropy “after” COVID (ZOOM)

Mary Hendricks – Executive Director Philanthropy, The Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital

Ruth Lederman – Vice President Resource Development, Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis

Faith Sandler – Executive Director, Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis

About the presentation: The last 18 months have made it difficult for most organizations to remain in front of their donors and to engage new donors. As we are slowly emerging from round 1 of the Pandemic, how are some of our peer organizations addressing the fundraising effort post-pandemic? What seems to be working and what has been less successful in the early days of the “new normal”?

October 14, 2021: Stories from the Trenches (ZOOM)

Kent C. Weimer, CAP – Director of Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning Parkland Foundation

About the presentation: Sometimes gifts come with complications both legal and ethical. This session will explore real life gift planning case studies in an interactive manner that includes an open dialogue on planning strategies while exploring the dilemmas and opportunities presented, possible solutions, along with the impacts on policies, procedures and philosophy. The focus will be on outcomes that benefit the donor, family and the charitable organization. The case studies will demonstrate how treasury regulations, when not followed, may lead to the donor losing the charitable deduction.

November 11, 2021: 10 Principles for Gift Planning Program Success: Practical Application of CGP’s National Standards for Gift Planning Success (ZOOM)

Nathan Stelter – President, The Stelter Company

About the presentation: The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners has recently adopted National Standards for Gift Planning Success (NSGPS). In this session, those principles will come to life as we examine ten principles that will ensure gift planning success for all gift planning programs, regardless of size. Whether you are building a basic gift planning program or growing an existing program, these principles will allow you to energize your program, focus on a strategy for your work, and engage meaningful long-term gifts for your organization.

December 13, 2021: A Potpourri of Charitable Planning Tricks and Traps (Joint in person meeting with the Estate Planning Council of St. Louis and ZOOM)

Lawrence Katzenstein – Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP

About the presentation: Larry will discuss a variety of charitable giving tricks and traps including:

  • Why charitable gifts during lifetime are better than bequests…and how to take advantage of that. 
  • Gift strategies for early termination of qualified charitable remainder trusts – and continuing confusion about qualified appraisal requirements       
  • Inclusion of private foundation in donor’s gross estate
  • Private letter rulings illustrate the interplay between code sections 664 and 4947  
  • Some problems with charitable pledges        
  • The sprinkling charitable remainder trust      
  • What is the “governing” instrument for section 642(c) purposes?    
  • Drafting issue for year-end charitable remainder unitrusts solved by the flip unitrusts          
  • Use of qualified contingencies in charitable remainder trusts          
  • 2015 amendment to code section 664—what was that all about?   
  • Some marital deduction issues in split interest gifts 

January 13, 2022: Women in Giving (In person and ZOOM)

Katy Dowd – President, SOS

Julie Gibbs – CDO, Jewish Federation

Mary Elizabeth Grimes – President, Marian Middle School

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February 10, 2022: (In person and ZOOM)

Elliot Dole, CFP®, EA, AEP®, CExP™, CAP® – Wealth Advisor

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